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Franz Inc

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Franz Inc. is a private, California-based company that originated with the initial Artificial Intelligence boom in 1984. In fact, it still provides its Lisp compiler to numerous Fortune 500 companies. The company started to develop AllegroGraph more than a decade ago at the request of U.S. DoD. In addition to AllegroGraph, Franz sells a variety of other Lisp-oriented products.

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Company Info

Headquarters: 2201 Broadway, Suite 715, Oakland, CA 94612
Telephone: +1 510 452 2000


Cover for the Franz AllegroGraph InBrief

Franz AllegroGraph

This paper discusses and evaluates Franz AllegroGraph, a semantic graph database focused on generating sophisticated semantic knowledge graphs.
Cover for Graph Databases 2019

Graph Database Market Update 2019

This is the third Market Update into the graph database market, considering and comparing both property graph and RDF databases.
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This paper discusses Franz AllegroGraph, a highly secure, semantic, RDF-based graph database available in-cloud and on-premises.
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