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Fluree is a recent entrant into the graph space. Its first product, FlureeCore, was released for general availability in 2020. It is a semantic (RDF) knowledge graph that stores data in the JSON-LD format. It supports mixed transactional/analytic workloads, and it features a custom query language, FlureeQL. Other notable features include the ability to place data intelligence and logic directly into the data layer, rather than the application layer, and decentralised deployment using blockchain technology.

The company acquired Zetta Labs in 2022, giving rise to its second product, FlureeSense. This is a data pipelining and cleansing tool built for ingesting, cleaning, and exporting raw, legacy data into a modern data environment, such as a cloud data warehouse or FlureeCore. It uses AI and machine learning to automate data classification, can generate basic ETL logic, and offers data quality capabilities, deduplication, data mastering, and various other features.

These products will soon be complemented by FlureeNexus, a database-as-a-service offering that is currently in private preview.

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Headquarters: 486 Patterson Ave., Ste 221, Winston-Salem, NC, 27101
Telephone: +1 336 283 7288


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