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Experian is one of the world’s leading global information services companies. Its roots go back to 1826, but it was not officially founded until 1996 when distinct US and UK-based credit scoring companies were merged to form Experian under the ownership of Great Universal Stores. It was a decade later that the company was de-merged and became independent. It is now headquartered in Ireland and is a public company listed in London. It is part of the FTSE100. Revenues, which are reported in dollars, were $4.66bn in the year ending March 2018. The company has more than 16,000 employees working in 37 different countries. Apart from Ireland the company has operational headquarters in the UK, the US and Brazil.

Experian is perhaps most well-known for its credit scoring but, more broadly, offers a range of information services. It offers a number of products and solutions spanning analytics (for example, Experian PowerCurve), business information, consumer credit, data quality management (for example, Experian Aperture Data Studio), identity and fraud, marketing services and payment delivery.

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Headquarters: 80 Victoria Street, 6th Floor, Cardinal Place, London SW1E 5JL
Telephone: +44 (0)203 042 4000

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AnalyticOps is about the reduction of friction around the delivery, operationalisation and ongoing monitoring and (change) management of analytic models.
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Experian PowerCurve

Experian PowerCurve is a decision management platform upon which the company delivers a variety of customer-centric and analytically driven decision solutions.
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Single Customer View

Single customer view: data quality or MDM - the options
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Data Quality

This document provides a snapshot of the current state of the Data Quality market.
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Experian SCV

Experian SCV consists of several components, the main one of which is Experian Aperture Data Studio along with various other elements.
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