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Data Ladder

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Data Ladder is a privately owned company founded in 2006. Prior to 2018 it offered an Express version of its product that was targeted at the mid-market and had some 7,000 users but since then it has shifted towards a focus on large enterprises, within which group it has around 3,000 users. While the company is US based, this user community is distributed across more than 50 countries, largely thanks to Data Ladder’s partner network of resellers, systems integrators, and OEMs.

Historically, the company focused on federal and other public bodies but now is broadly deployed across industry sectors. Well-known clients include DHL, Duke University and Zurich Insurance.


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Telephone: +1 866 557 8102


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Pure-play Data Quality

This Market Update focuses on vendors specialising in data quality that do not also provide data integration capabilities.
DATA LADDER InBrief (thumbnail)

Data Ladder

Data Ladder provides a data quality management suite that includes all the sorts of capabilities that one would expect.
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