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Bizagi—which is short for business agility—was established in 1989 to support the continuous improvement of business processes and to provide a powerful, yet simple, business collaboration platform that brought business and IT together. InA ugust 2014, Bizagi announced that it was moving its UK headquarters o ntearer London and that it was opening a US hedquartes in San Fransisco.

Bizagi’s founders met whilst studying engineering at Universidad de los Andes in Columbia, over 25 years ago. Their experience with BPM started when developing ERP solutions for Apple in the 1980s. After delivering a successful project they found that their clients often asked for changes which were difficult and time-consuming to realise. This led them to the understanding that off-the-shelf solutions, whilst providing a means for standardising business process to best of breed, did not allow for either the agility needed in business today or the need to differentiate one business from its rivals in the market.

Gustavo Gomez, Bizagi’s CEO and founder stated recently,”We felt that BPM market was tarnished with a negative perception a few years ago—too complex and difficult to implement. We wanted to show the business community that it doesn’t have to be this way, so we offered Process Modeler for free to create a community of users who can reap the benefits of BPM with ease and in a fraction of time.”

During 2014, the company has expereinced 60% growth fuelled by the growing demand by businesses to deliver business agility in response to fast-changing markets

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Company Info

Headquarters: Amersham, San Francisco, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 1494 618428

Company Links

Cover for Bizagi BPM Suite

Bizagi BPM Suite - Bizagi Modeler, Studio and Engine

Bloor has seen Bizagi become a serious BPMS contender in the marketplace.
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Connecting with SAP - Automating business process without programming

With Bizagi, as one example, you can leverage SAP assets in order to automate business processes, with speed and efficiency - but without programming.
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Bizagi releases new version of Studio and Process Modeller

Bizagi Ltd has announced, on January 20th 2015, the version 10.6 .NET & JEE release of its BPM software.
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Bizagi announce Process Xchange

Bizagi have recently announced the release of its newly rebranded Process Xchange.
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AgFirst and Generali win big at Excellence in BPM and Workflow awards 2014

Two Bizagi customers won awards at the recent Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow at BPM in Banking, Finance and Insurance conference in Oakbrook,
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Bizagi announce new US operations

Bizagi announced today the opening of its brand-new US headquarters in San Francisco and relocation of its UK headquarters to offices close to London.
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Bizagi announce version 10.5 of Studio

Bizagi Ltd has announced on August 11th 2014 the release of version 10.5 .NET & JEE release of its BPM software
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Bizagi announce webinar on the importance of data in process development

There has been a tendency to move from being data focused to process oriented. The fact is you need to be both.
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More Impressive Customer ROI figures from Bizagi

More Impressive figures from Bizagi
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How can I manage my operations?

StereoLOGIC have turned their ABPD product into a very effective Operations Management tool with the introduction of Process Analytics.
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Operational Intelligence – BPM with bells on?

I recently had a briefing from Dale Skeen of Vitria concerning their new offering "Operational Intelligence Platform". This has evolved...
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Bizagi release new vesion of BPM Suite

Today's release is particularly significant as 90% of improvements came as a direct result of their 150,000-strong user community.
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