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BigPanda was formed in 2012 by Assaf Resnick and Elik Eizenberg in Mountain View, California. Their vision from the start was to use Machine Leaning to help IT operations staff manage the ever-increasing number of alerts being reported in complex hybrid IT infrastructures and deliver

Whilst AIOps has been co-opted as a term by many vendors in the Hybrid Infrastructure Management (HIM) market, BigPanda was a very early exemplar of the use of AIOps as a pure-play enabler for HIM. BigPanda focuses on using machine learning to analyse and correlate machine data captured by a variety of existing tools, rather than trying to develop and deploy their own instrumentation and raw data capture capabilities.

Most large IT operations departments have on average between 10 and 15 existing monitoring and management tools, either directly supplied by hardware and systems software vendors, or via specialist third party vendors. By acting as a centralised orchestration point, sometimes referred to as a Manager of Managers, BigPanda enables organisations to gain a correlated, rationalised view of a hybrid IT infrastructure without wasting existing tool investments or having to expend significant effort on re-instrumentation of their IT environment.

BigPanda is a SaaS based solution. It uses open-box machine learning on captured data to drive root cause analysis, and autonomous responses to alerts where possible. We expect to see significant growth in companies using significant DevOps based continuous integration, delivery and deployment techniques in a hybrid-cloud environment moving to adopt AIOps tools like BigPanda.

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Headquarters: 888 Villa Street Mountain View, CA 94041, USA
Telephone: +1 650 562-6555


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