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Astera Software was founded in 1995 and moved into the data integration space in 2008. It is privately owned and based in California. It has some 350 enterprise customers including companies such as Wells Fargo, Novartis, USDA and Hewlett Packard with around two thirds of its user base in North America and the remainder in Europe and Asia.

The company’s flagship product is Astera Centerprise, with Astera ReportMiner (not to be confused with Report Miner for Crystal Reports) and Astera EDIConnect as optional additional components. These are typically deployed on-premises but are also available via a virtual machine in cloud-based environments. Astera Cloud is currently in development.


Company Info

Headquarters: 30721 Russell Ranch Rd, Suite 140 Westlake Village, CA 91362, USA
Telephone: +1 805 579 0004


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Pure-play Data Integration

This Market Update examines and compares pure-play data integration, as opposed to solutions that are more platform-oriented.
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Astera Centerprise

Astera Centerprise is a data integration solution for environments with complex requirements, which can be extended with Astera ReportMiner and EDIConnect.
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