Meeting MAS Regulations - Risk Management For The Finance Sector

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In June 2012, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) created a new set of guidelines based on Internet Banking and Technology Risk Management (TRM).

The TRM Guidelines are statements of industry best practices that Financial Institutions are expected to adhere to if performing financial transactions with banks within Singapore. This guidance is not legally binding but is used by MAS in risk assessment audits.

Join Fran Howarth (Senior Analyst at Bloor Research) and Morey Haber (Senior Director, Product Management at BeyondTrust) for a webcast that will discuss:

  • How MAS impacts financial organisations worldwide and how the controls effect business continuity
  • Critical controls for MAS using BeyondTrust’s unique IT Risk Management Platform that fuses Privileged Account and Vulnerability Management
  • How  PowerBroker Privileged Account Management (PAM) and Retina Enterprise Vulnerability Management (EVM) Solutions can help mitigate risk

Consolidate security vendors for MAS Requirements under the BeyondInsight IT Risk Management Platform