Bloor Research joins national campaign to help disabled people get online

Written By: Peter Abrahams
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Bloor Research is proud to announce it has become a partner of a major new national campaign to raise awareness about the barriers faced by people with disabilities in accessing the internet and other new digital technologies, and help overcome them.This is a natural follow on to the research into accessibility that Bloor has conducted over the last 7 years.

Bloor believes that our readers should follow suit and show their support for ICT accessibility and gain the benefits available from a community of interest.

Go ON Gold aims to encourage businesses, organisations and policy makers to become more aware of the needs of disabled people – including their own staff and customers – and of the benefits to the economy of enabling everyone to be online.

New technology, from the internet to smartphones and digital TV, can be liberating for disabled people but can also turn into another way of excluding them from work, entertainment, shopping and other everyday activities. But shockingly, some four million disabled people in the UK have still never used the internet, either because of design barriers or because they may be unaware of advances in technology that can make access easier.

As part of its awareness-raising work, Go ON Gold has filmed a series of videos of campaigners and technology users.

One of the video subjects is Paralympian peer and disability rights campaigner Tanni Grey-Thompson. The sixteen-times medal winner is a firm believer in the enabling power of IT: “For people whose mobility is compromised or who lack the resources to be able to get out and about as much as they would like, full internet access can be hugely liberating. In front of the screen, we can all be equal and Go ON Gold is set to make this a reality.”

Watch the video here:

Go ON Gold, funded by the Nominet Trust, is a partner campaign of Go ON UK, the new national digital inclusion charity chaired by UK digital champion Martha Lane Fox and backed by the BBC, Age UK, the Post Office, TalkTalk, Lloyds Banking Group, the Big Lottery Fund and Eon.

The Go ON Gold website will act as a central focus for links to key resources and expertise, ranging from charities providing free or subsidised equipment, to centres offering one-to-one advice, and guidance for website developers to ensure the accessibility of the digital content they produce.

Visit the Go ON Gold website for videos, insights and information on how you can help.