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It is worth mentioning my research agenda. I am currently working on spreadsheet governance and log and event management (SIEM) as two separate streams. In the New Year I expect to be concentrating on data integration and data quality as there are some major new releases coming from Informatica (just released) and Dataflux in the next few months. Another area I expect to focus on in 2010 is geospatial technology. I plan to take this from a broad perspective: what is the core capability you require to leverage geospatial data, what sort of processing capability you need in a data warehouse to crunch the analytics and what functionality do you need in the BI tool at the front-end? In other words, how do you build or implement a complete solution?

Finally, we are now working on our primary research programme for the next twelve months. This isn’t finalised yet but is likely to cover security and storage (perhaps including information lifecycle management) as well as information management per se. With respect specifically to IM, I certainly expect to be doing something to update our research into data migration of a couple of years ago and, more broadly, to delve into the data quality and profiling markets. I hope also to initiate some research into future trends in the data warehousing space.