Accessibility – important, not important – please tell us

Written By: Peter Abrahams
Content Copyright © 2009 Bloor. All Rights Reserved.

Bloor is conducting a survey on attitudes and plans for accessiblity. The results will be presented at e-Access ’09. The results will enable organsiations, vendors and Bloor Research to make more informed decisions about accessibility. Please take part in the survey whatever you current views.

At Bloor Research we believe that accessibility, that is ensuring that ICT is accessible to people with disabilities, should be important to enterprises because of the financial benefits, moral imperatives, and legal requirements.

However, it is clear from looking at internal and external systems that only a minority of organisations or enterprises agrees with us.

To better understand why this is and whether attitudes are changing, we are carrying out a survey to find the current status, issues, concerns, and plans relating to accessibility.

The results will be used by us and the vendor community to better articulate our messages on accessibility. This should directly benefit you as it will enable better informed and faster decisions to be made relating to accessibility.

The results of the survey will be first announced at fill in the survey and you will be included in a raffle and Bloor will make a donation to a charity.

Thank you for participating. Your views are important to us.