Composite Information Server for Netezza

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Date: 8th September, 2011
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It is often the case in large enterprises that multiple data marts are deployed, along with a central enterprise data warehouse acting as a system of record. While these data marts serve the requirements of the departments or divisions that implement them, a frequent requirement is to merge data across these implementations. While this can be done by replicating the data across systems, this is an expensive and inflexible option. A preferred solution is to use data virtualisation technology that will support federated queries across systems. This is what Composite Information Server for Netezza does. It also supports other use cases but this will be the primary one for most companies.

It is assumed in this paper that readers are familiar with IBM Netezza (where IBM Netezza refers to the company) and its technology does not therefore require any discussion here. We thus limit ourselves to a brief consideration of Composite's technology, together with details of how it interrelates to Netezza, plus a discussion of potential uses of this combined technology. More detailed descriptions of both Composite Information Server and Netezza are available separately from Bloor Research.

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