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Data Virtualisation - What's Innovative?

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Data virtualisation: the next generation

New approaches to data virtualisation threaten incumbents
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Modelling business decisions

Verifiable models of business decisions are just as useful as the process models used for model-driven development
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Not quite Star Trek

Capsenta is doing some seriously interesting things in the area of data federation and semantics.
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Tackling the storage provisioning nightmare and business clamour to save costs

Load DynamiX's appliance stress-tests large throughputs and infrastructures addressing the "what-ifs"
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Federating Big Data

Cirro has introduced a data federation solution designed for big data. It could give the established vendors a run for their money.
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Data Virtualisation for Agile Data Provisioning

The capabilities of Data Virtualisation meet our requirements for agile data provisioning: to access any data, regardless of its format, in any combination, with minimal latency.
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What is Agile BI?

Agile BI is a marketing term often used but rarely defined, and I want to start to define and describe what it is
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So, what is data virtualisation?

Data virtualisation is all the rage. But it's not data federation. Or not always.
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Queplix – a different sort of data virtualisation

Queplix describes itself as being in the data virtualisation space but it is more of competitor for MDM, especially in the mid-market.
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Composite Data Virtualization Platform

Composite Data Virtualization Platform is the general-purpose product of choice within this sector of the market.
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Netezza Data Virtualizer - powered by Composite Software

Powered by the Composite Information Server, the Netezza Data Virtualizer provides a method for linking multiple Netezza appliances into a single, federated environment.
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