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We are making a significant investment into how we bring design and media creativity to our research. The first phase introduces visually-rich documents with modern design elements and bold colours.

Please take a look at an eBook.
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Research Focus
We are currently focusing our research around the theme of "People-centric computing founded on actionable insight and trust". Topics such as Analytics, Security Analytics, Big Data and New Development are core components of this.
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New Website
Welcome to our new website. This is the culmination of 18 months work to change the way we communicate based on providing constantly evolving topics containing context, commentary and educational resources to allow you to dig deeper. We will be bringing new features, topics and content online during the next 6 months so please give us your feedback so we can create the best IT Research website.
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  • Data Preparation (self-service)
    Data preparation tools allow business analysts/users (sometimes data scientists) to prepare data...
    Graph Databases
    Graph databases store data in terms of entities and the relationships between entities.
    NoSQL Databases
    NoSQL - not only SQL - non-relational databases.
    Streaming analytics platforms
    Once there was complex event processing but now the major market for event processing is in...
  • Cloud
    Cloud is shorthand for a quite revolutionary set of new ways through which the capabilities of...
    Big Data
    Big Data refers to the ability to analyse any type of data, not limited to (but including) data in...
    Data Profiling and Discovery
    Data profiling collects statistics about the validity of data and data discovery discovers...
    Data Migration
    Data migration is the process of moving data from one environment to a new one; as opposed to data...
  • Freedom
    Freedom represents a revolution in the way businesses use automation. It is about freeing the...
    Network and Endpoint Security
    Network security refers to those technologies and processes that are used to keep networks in good,...
    Data Governance
    Data governance is about ensuring that your organisation's information assets meet corporate...
    Complex Event Processing
    Complex event processing, also known as event, stream or event stream processing is a technique...
  • Data Warehousing
    A data warehouse is a database implementation that supports the storage and analysis of historic...
    Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of the flow of goods or services and is a major...
    Information Governance and Data Security
    Adequate and appropriate security controls must be applied to all information and data for...

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