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Big Data - What's Innovative?

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TigerGraph is a graph database that has just been formally released. It is targeted at real-time graph analytics.
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Informatica update

Informatica continues to innovate
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Pentaho 7.1 a point release but one that Sparks my interest

A Point Release of the Pentaho BI stack that is worthy of attention
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SAS goes open

SAS is being innovative in a number of areas, not least of which is opening up to other languages
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ERwin runs free - just in time to take on the GDPR problem, perhaps

ERwin has just been spun out from CA Technologies
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Guavus – Using analytics to achieve the impossible dream of making cuts without detrimental impact.

Guavus - use analytics to determine the real impact of both investments and cuts. Enabling cost savings which do not impair the customer experience !
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Bringing governance to big data

IBM and Informatica have both just come out with big data integration and governance products
Cover for Hadoop Appliances and Teradata

Hadoop Appliances and Teradata

This paper discusses the use of Hadoop-based appliances and then specific features of the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop.
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Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Kerberos R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn - translation: "In his house at R'lyeh dead Kerberos waits dreaming".

Security is important for Hadoop data resources. This means that you must come to grips with Kerberos.
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Apache Trafodion DBMS - Innovation for Big Data with SQL access to Hadoop.

Apache is going to offer a lot more than just Hadoop analytics processing, with a database that can federate OLTP and big data analytics.
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ParStream and the edge

The Internet of Things will require distributed stream-based computing: ParStream is a pioneer in this area.
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The wanton stings and motion of the sense

Savi is a specialist provider of IoT (Internet of Things) sensor-based analytics.
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By our first strange and fatal interview

I recently shared a webcast with the CIO of Informatica
Cover for IBM: enhanced 360° view

IBM: enhanced 360° view

This paper briefly considers relevant IBM technologies and solutions in the context of the requirements discussed
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Turning the Internet into a corporate database

Bitvore provides the ability to capture fresh data from the Internet and use it as a corporate asset
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The gazelle leaps into action

Springbok is a data preparation platform for business users.
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Arria: wow!

Arria doesn't just analyse data for you, it presents the results, with recommendations, in natural language.
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How do you map a sphere to a plane?

SpaceCurve looks like the sine qua non of geo-spatial databases.
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Taming the data preparation beast

Data preparation is emerging as a market in support of data scientists. Tamr is the new kid on the block but its antecedents suggest that it will be successful
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SBS VALID: business intelligence or search?

There are a number of search/BI tools but SBS VALID is unique (I think) in being based on graph technology - and that provides significant advantages
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Try wrangling your data

Data preparation is the biggest part (around 80%) of and data discovery/mining exercise. Trifacta specialises in making this easy in a big data world.
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Embarcadero acquires ERwin – more news

Embarcadero comments on acquisition
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Purview transforms your network into a corporate asset capable of improving your business performance.

Purview from Extreme Networks offers a probably unique insight capability sitting on top of your corporate network
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Cloud computing – is it a billing thing?

Actian exploits its ParAccel, Pervasive Software and Versant Corporation acquisition as two new cloud offerings.
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Taking the big out of data

RainStor has just announced v5.5. The main features are bringing security to Hadoop and much faster search.
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Calling a spade a spade

Preventative maintenance and asset optimisation are not the same thing
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Is data warehousing holding back the advance of analytics?

I take a look at Pervasive's DataRush, potentially the most disruptive idea in analytics since Bill Inmon told us to build data warehouses.
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Federating Big Data

Cirro has introduced a data federation solution designed for big data. It could give the established vendors a run for their money.
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Continuous Business Intelligence and Big Data - Using CEP for real-time continuous queries

There are a lot of start-ups trying to link CEP to Big Data but it is likely that the major vendors will push them out of the way.
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Breakthrough and instrumented applications

The sort of data that is common in big data scenarios can be exploited in other ways too
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Informix revived

Informix is targeting time-series based (instrumented) applications
Cover for Building Breakthrough Applications

Building Breakthrough Applications

A breakthrough application changes the way that the user does his work. It doesn't just automate processes: it innovates and alters them, often radically.
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Connexica CXAIR

CXAIR is a BI tool that supports queries against both structured and unstructured data
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BI for hybrid (big) data

How do you combine structured and unstructured data for query purposes?
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