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Operational Databases - What's Changed?

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SentryOne gets pragmatic

SentryOne has acquired Pragmatic Works Software. This is unusually synergistic and non-overlapping.
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S/4HANA and AnyDB

Third party database providers are going to have some difficulty in persuading SAP that they can support S/4HANA
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NuoDB Swifts Release 2.1

NuoDB is a very interesting product, both from a conceptual and an architectural point of view.
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SAP has just released version 16 of what used to be Sybase ASE. This release is very much focused on big data for OLTP.
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Informix revived

Informix is targeting time-series based (instrumented) applications
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Sybase and SAP: the unanswered questions

There are major questions about information management in SAP's acquisition of Sybase
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Caché 2008

We have no doubt that Caché offers better performance both for the developer and in production than comparable systems from much more well-known vendors.
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