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Cloud security - What's Innovative?

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Cloud assurance - what questions to ask?

General thoughts on governance and compliance as it applies to moving data and processes onto the Cloud – “Cloud Assurance”.
Cover for Selling unsecure websites is not an option

Selling unsecure websites is not an option - why market dynamics are creating a new opportunity for hosting providers

Website security is too important to ignore, especially when an organisation depends on it for its trade.
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A new IBM z13s “enterprise-class server” - for when even Cloud fashion victims might rather like a mainframe.....

The new z13s server from IBM brings the security of data encryption on the cloud for midsize companies, without slowing down system performance.
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ARM and IoT - Everybody is innovating for IoT, but some IoT platforms are already here, and are just maturing

ARM has a strong IoT story, with an IoT platform providing hardware-enabled security.
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dashDB is IBM's in-cloud warehousing as a service
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News from Pulse: Fytte the First

Tivoli Pulse in Las Vegas now has a much wider focus than just Tivoli Operations tools - I met a lot of friends from Rational there. Some interesting news and announcements this year.
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Cloud-delivered endpoint security - better protection is delivered via the cloud

Cloud-based endpoint security services are suited for use by any organisation that allows its users to interact and communicate using internet channels.
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