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Keysight brings gen AI to the testing world

Across the IT industry businesses are grasping the Gen AI nettle and engineering it into their products. Testing seems to be an excellent area, perhaps even the best area for its application.
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Teradata releases AI Unlimited

Teradata AI Unlimited is an attempt to give data professionals and developers of all types access to the tools they need to freely experiment with AI.
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Teradata’s AI Unlimited: An evolution in large scale AI

AI and ML innovations are transforming industries across the globe. Teradata is in the vanguard of this movement.
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OpenText does DevOps

The second of three blogs prompted by the OpenText World 2023 conference in Las Vegas.
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DevOpsQA issues a 60-hours challenge - Some observations around, but not limited to, ISO 20022

The ISO 20022 standard enables reliable collaboration and communication as well as being required by banking standards such as SWIFT.
post (Icon) - A PaaS for modern application delivery is a git-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), with YAML configuration and local development with Docker-based DDEV.
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The Zoholics experience

David Norfolk finds the family-like culture at Zoho reassuring. But its AI technology is good too.
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