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Agile Storage - What's Innovative?

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Atlantis USX 2.0 boosts virtual agility with storage teleporting and VVOL compliance

Planning a move to flash? First look at how to extract greater value by extending the life of existing IT hardware assets with boosted performance.
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ExtraHop goes one hop further taking wire data into Open Data Stream

ExtraHop Networks makes its structured wire data available to open big data repositories; it will soon add LOB data
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Violin Memory back in all-flash storage tune with new data management strings - Does Concerto 7000 mark a tipping point for tier 1 flash as a disk replacement?

Violin Memory this week released its Concerto 7000 all-flash array and software suite, to regain its market position. Flash memory for tier-1 to replace disk
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E-STaaS SAN and NAS? Now cloud storage for enterprises – and the rest of us

Zadara Storage designs agile storage for the cloud from the ground up
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Atlantis bids for agile enterprise storage market

At last an all-embracing agile server-based storage architecture; is this SAN's death knell?
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Oracle ups the storage ante

Oracle has announced the ZS3, which integrates with Oracle Database 12c
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Veeam dreams of $1Bn revenue as it releases Backup V7

The fastest-ever growing backup company is aiming even higher
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IP Expo 2012: an oldie’s view

After 47 years in the industry, I no longer feel a need to rush around IT exhibitions cramming in maximum information; here I hope is my more measured overview
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Commoditise storage to slash costs using AoE, says Coraid

Storage is still at mainframe prices says CEO, but AoE and related products can break down this price barrier
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TMS RamSan 720 HA flash aims to finish off high-end disk

Solid State Disk (SSD) is coming down in price and getting more reliable. TMS' RamSan 720 is the first to add HA features to tackle high-end disk subsystems
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Nimble Storage’s CS is a mid-market game-changer

Nimble Storage has re-architected the way data is stored, backed up and recovered and gets stunning performance; a year after launch, it has arrived in Europe
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Can Virsto do for storage what VMware did for servers?

Virsto's software implementation for VMware virtual desktops, neat though it is, is only a part of a greater virtual storage vision
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Removing a major barrier to enterprise agility – virtual connectivity

Devices connected to all servers mean spaghetti-cabling, bandwidth waste and messy changes that block agility in a virtualised enterprise. What's to be done?
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Virtual Instruments’ cure for FC SAN blindness

Virtual Instruments' VirtualWisdom 3.0 monitors FC SAN traffic in real-time, even for individual VM server applications, for faster problem resolution
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Can Drobo cop SMB storage market with ultra-simple B1200i?

Diminutive new iSCSI SAN storage appliance automates everything and optimises performance across storage tiers in real time
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Nexsan adds SSD-cached NAS for mid-market

E5000 series SSD cache will boost performance when virtualised random storage writes multiply; innovative GUI and automated features ideal for IT generalists
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When virtualised storage virtually stops: what can be done?

When a company moves its storage to a virtualised server environment, storage access performance commonly nosedives; but Virsto offers a neat solution
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Coraid’s AoE storage approach anyone?

ATA over Ethernet(AoE)is a protocol (kind of) for simplifying Ethernet data comms and saving costs; so could Coraid's SAN solution cause AoE to catch on?
Cover for Storage Optimisation: SANpulse

Storage Optimisation: SANpulse

Using its SANlogics software SANpulse has solved two major enterprise problems in data and infrastructure management.
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Approaching heterogeneous storage optimisation

The second of two articles on storage optimisation
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