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Agile Storage - What's Changed?

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Violin Memory back in all-flash storage tune with new data management strings - Does Concerto 7000 mark a tipping point for tier 1 flash as a disk replacement?

Violin Memory this week released its Concerto 7000 all-flash array and software suite, to regain its market position. Flash memory for tier-1 to replace disk
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Falconstor set for 2014 take-off with unified data platform

Company's migration strategy avoids rip-and-replace to create an agile storage environment
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E-STaaS SAN and NAS? Now cloud storage for enterprises – and the rest of us

Zadara Storage designs agile storage for the cloud from the ground up
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Atlantis bids for agile enterprise storage market

At last an all-embracing agile server-based storage architecture; is this SAN's death knell?
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The rise of storage flash: do your homework to overcome the confusion

Flash storage is gaining momentum, but buyers face a confusing choice of approaches and applications from different vendors
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SolarWinds sets its sights on Big Four networking giants

Peter Williams reviews the IT management company's progress six years on
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Is Fibre Channel fighting back?

With 16Gb FC getting established for storage networks, and FCoE and FCoIP, expect FC in its various forms to compete with iSCSI for a long time to come.
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Rebranded Storage Fusion adds server virtualisation analysis

Software designed to provide overview straddling applications, server and storage relationships
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