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Windows 7 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, released in
late 2009. Overall, according to a variety of sources, operating systems
from Microsoft are used by more than 91% of computer users worldwide.
The Vista operating system that it supersedes received much
criticism and that, along with a poorly performing economy, led to sales
being disappointing, especially among businesses.

Windows 7, however, is proving to be popular. According to financial
advisors Merrill Lynch in June 2010, more than 100 million licences
were sold for Windows 7 in the first six months after it was released,
making it the fastest selling operating system ever. Net Applications
reports that 12% of personal computers worldwide now run Windows 7
and businesses are also seeing its appeal. Microsoft claims that it has
seen a 14% increase in sales of business computers since its release.
Its popularity is borne out by research commissioned by Dell KACE of
more than 900 respondents across the world that shows that 87% of IT
professionals surveyed are planning to adopt Windows 7.

Microsoft itself reports that many of its business customers are extremely
satisfied with their Windows 7 deployments, citing productivity
gains, increased collaboration among workers and enhanced data
security as among the primary benefits. Key features available in the
Windows 7 Enterprise edition release include BitLocker full-disk encryption,
BitLocker To Go removable media encryption for enhanced
data security, DirectAccess VPN for creating trusted connexions for
users on remote networks and AppLocker for preventing unauthorised
software from running on the network.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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