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Voice Data Security

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If you stop and take a look at all the objects that sit within an arms length of where you are sitting the chances are that a mobile phone, in all its guises, is one of the first that you see. The reality is that the cell phone is the first piece of IT that we take with us wherever and whenever we go. If we forget our cell phones we feel naked, isolated and more than a little bit worried. Whilst few would take a fully-fledged PC to bed, the cell phone has pride of place next to the bedside lamp.

From an information security perspective this poses an interesting challenge.

Quite simply, if you can compromise a cell phone then you are more or less assured that you can collect the most relevant, current and possibly damaging data possible. The breadth and depth of current cell phone technology is staggering, with new models, features and innovations delivered weekly. Whilst few would doubt the huge appeal of interactive applications, the challenge these devices give information security pro- fessionals is overwhelming. After all, we now have presidents and prime ministers touting these devices as part of their need to be in touch. No doubt this appeals to a deep-seated and basic human need to be part of something at all times.

Aside from the risk of losing emails and SMS messages, few have con- sidered that voice data is similarly at risk from being compromised. This risk is now a reality and we need to be considering how we deal with it sooner rather than later.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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