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Uniface for High Productivity Mobile Development

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Uniface Mobile is based on the modernisation of an established high-productivity model-driven development platform, made possible by the funds made available by Marlin Equity Partners, which recently acquired Uniface. The new funds have allowed Uniface to bring forward functionality from Uniface 10, as a new upgrade to Uniface 9, version 9.7; although Uniface’s full mobile development capabilities will still be delivered with Uniface 10 (which will be targeted at new customers, with Uniface 10 WE (Web Edition), to start with, with support for the migration path from Uniface 9.6/9.7 to Uniface 10 ME (Mobile Edition) as a later point release).

The prime use case for Mobile Development in Uniface, today, is the addition of a mobile channel to existing Enterprise applications, as Uniface’s model-driven development approach is able to re-use existing, automated, business logic and data structures. It generates components with new mobile capabilities as part of a highly-productive process, built around Uniface’s core values of productivity, vendor neutrality and reuse of existing assets.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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