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This page was archived on 11th March, 2019 and is no longer actively maintained.

Development - What's Changed?

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Just what is risk based testing, anyway?

Ask almost any vendor what they mean by risk based testing and they'll give you a different answer.
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Uniface 10 - Now generally available

Uniface 10 for all Uniface developers is released.
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Cover for Uniface 9.7

Uniface 9.7 - classic Uniface for existing Uniface users, and more

Uniface 9.7 has been modernised so as to reduce barriers to its use in a modern environment.
Cover for Uniface Development Platform version 10

Uniface Development Platform version 10 - A high productivity development platform

Uniface has been a successful (profitable) highproductivity, model-based, development platform for many years, with a loyal set of enterprise customers.
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High-productivity Software Development

High productivity means developing usable business outcomes, productively...
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Perforce embraces OSS – in part

Perforce has given some of its IP to the OSS community
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PTC acquires Atego

PTC has acquired Atego
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Innovate 2014 Fytte 1

Initial thoughts from Innovate 2014
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The new Uniface

How things are going now, after Marlin Equity Partners' acquisition of Uniface has had time to bed in a bit.
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SAP finally drops the Sybase name.

SAP finally drops the Sybase name.
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IBM Impact 2014 – Fytte the First

Impact announced its BlueMix PaaS and lots of associated services
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Collabnet, the next stage

Collabnet is acquired by Vector Capital
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Embarcadero acquires ERwin – more news

Embarcadero comments on acquisition
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Uniface leaves Compuware

Compuware has signed an agreement for Marlin Equity Partners to acquire Compuware's Changepoint, Professional Services and Uniface business units.
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IBM Smarter Development

State of play for systems engineering at IBM.
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Developing an ALM data model for OSLC - Exploiting the data associated with development process for analytics

OSLC, a set of open specifications for integrating different tools, is a very welcome initiative - but is there something missing? Shouldn't there be a data model for ALM behind OSLC?
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New platform for the Internet of Things

Heads up on an Internet of Things PaaS
Cover for Compuware Uniface v9.6

Compuware Uniface v9.6

This release streamlines the product (Uniface Flow is now deprecated, for example) and improves its support for Windows.
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