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The changing nature of US healthcare delivery - reform, regulation and technology investments

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The healthcare industry in the US is inefficient
and costly. The changes that need to be made
are both at a national and regional level in terms
of reform, as well as at an individual healthcare
provider level. In particular, the expanded use of
IT in this sector, which has historically underinvested
in technology compared to other industries,
holds much promise for productivity gains,
operational efficiencies and improved patient
care. However, increased reliance on IT systems
and electronic communications can actually increase
the security threats that organizations
face, such as the increased likelihood of data
leakage or malware infections that can disrupt
the business.

This document outlines the challenges faced in
the healthcare sector in the US today, including
the latest reforms and regulations being put in
place to modernize it and improve efficiencies. It
describes how the use of technology will benefit
players in the industry and discusses what factors
executives should consider when looking to
invest in technology solutions that will help them
to reduce risk, improve operational efficiencies
and achieve compliance goals, and will enable
them to provide a higher quality of patient care.
An accompanying white paper

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