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The AXS-One Compliance Platform

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Classification: Product Evaluation

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AXS-One is typically thought of as providing e-mail archiving.
However, its solution is actually much broader
than that: it also encompasses compliance, legal discovery,
electronic records management and data retrieval, as
well as policy-based archival management for improved
management of storage resources. Moreover, it is by no means limited to e-mails and
actually supports a wide range of structured, semi-structured
and unstructured data and content. Conversely,
while AXS-One does archive documents, it does not offer
traditional document or content management functionality
as offered by traditional document management vendors—it has no library
style check-in/out with versioning facilities, for example. This is why the company
refers to its archival solution as a Records Compliance Management Platform.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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