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Teradata RainStor Archiving

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Teradata RainStor is a software-only archiving solution that has been implemented by customers both as an analytics data hub and as an enterprise archive that supports governance and compliance. Note that the product is specific to storing, retrieving, querying and managing archived data and not to deciding what data should be archived in the first place. In terms of its archiving capabilities Teradata RainStor supports three different approaches, all of which are based on the same software, as follows:

  1. Archiving on Hadoop
  2. Archiving on conventional, in-house platforms, such as NAS/SAN
  3. Archiving on non-erasable, nonrewritable hardware (Write Once Read Many or WORM devices)

In this paper we will discuss the facilities provided, supported by the views of a number of RainStor customers to whom we have spoken.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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