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Sybase PowerDesigner for information architecture

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In this paper we will consider the need for, and benefits of, implementing information architecture and we will discuss how Sybase PowerDesigner, Version 16, enables that pro­cess. Briefly, Sybase PowerDesigner has 20+ years history of providing modelling support for database design and has more recently in­troduced support for enterprise architecture. With version 16 the company has added a focus on information architecture, which introduces a set of information architecture models for a range of stakeholders from data analysts to business analysts around a single metadata repository. Its “Link and Synch” facility keeps all the models in synch, regardless of which one a particular stakeholder feels comfort­able with updating, without compromising the individual models with inappropriate data. For example, a logical model is transformed into a new physical model and the data needed for physical implementation is added during transformation, instead of cluttering the logical model up with inappropriate physical in­ formation, thus enabling logical designers and analysts and physical implementers to work efficiently with appropriate visualisations.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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