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Sun SDRS (secure data retrieval server) is an appliance-based solution targeted at companies in the telecommunications and Internet Service Provider (ISP) spaces that are subject to the EU Data Retention Directive. This legislation requires that each country in the EU implements laws that require providers of services in these areas to retain data for between six months and two years (depending on each country’s implementation of the law) to support investigations by the police and security services. Some countries are deferring the applicability of the law to ISPs by one year. Although this solution is specifically targeted at companies within the EU it would also be appropriate elsewhere in the world where similar legislation is in place.

This requirement for Telcos to retain call detail records raises a choice for these companies. This is because they also want to be able to apply analytics to a subset of this data (for, say traffic analysis) as well as conventional analytics against customer data. This means that they either need a single data warehousing system that stores all of this information or two systems, one for data retention and one for analytics. There are a number of advantages to this latter approach. Specifically, data warehouses are optimised for transactional data, business intelligence and a read-intensive environment while Sun SDRS is optimised for non-transactional data, search and a write-intensive environment. Thus the choice is between horses for courses as opposed to one size fits all. We prefer the former, not least because SDRS should be cost-effective compared to a comparable data warehouse of the same capacity.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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