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SolarWinds Log & Event Manager - a full-functioned, yet affordable, SIEM

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Security incidents and attacks leading to security breaches are growing
both in volume and severity, making them increasingly hard to defend
against. Every organisation should not only consider itself a target, but
should assume that it has already been breached. A security stance
based on preventing threats is no longer sufficient. Rather, organisations
need to focus on developing robust capabilities for responding
to incidents that have occurred. At the same time, government and
industry mandates demanding high standards of security be maintained
are increasing. In particular, data protection and privacy legislation is
being expanded, affecting organisations of all sizes in all industries.

SolarWinds LEM provides for the needs of organisations of all sizes,
but is particularly suited to those of mid-market organisations that
often lack the budget and resources to implement and manage overly
complex technology platforms. It is priced at a level that makes it easily
affordable for such organisations, offering features comparable with
SIEM systems aimed at large enterprises. Designed with usability in
mind, specialised security expertise is not required to implement or
manage the system, or to achieve the benefits of an improved overall
security posture and greater ease of achieving compliance objectives
that it provides.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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