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Sage ERP X3 - An ERP for the mid-market

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Free Download (subject to terms)

Sage targets Sage ERP X3 at companies with 200–2000 employees with a core market from 100 to 500. Support for the product is provided locally either direct from Sage or through a Sage Business Partner. The product is one of the first that Bloor could really describe as global with its multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-legislation support. It is modular in nature and therefore a customer can buy the modules that are appropriate to his needs. There is an inbuilt development toolset provided that makes customisation relatively easy. Sage ERP X3 comes with over 200 preconfigured role-based visual processes, which provide users with on-screen guidance through quality procedures and one-click access to any functions of the system. In addition the product comes with:

  • 440+ ready to run reports,
  • 60+ KPIs,
  • 300 queries,
  • 30 models of plug & play data migration.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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