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ERP - Where's the Value?

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Did you know that Rock & Roll Classics can be linked to ERP Implementation?

I have just read an article by Eric Kimberling of Panorama Consulting Solutions that just made smile.
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The change of season and, of course, the weather from snow to sunshine here in the UK seems to have coincided with the production of 2 reports on ERP from 2 of the major magazines aimed at the manufacturing vertical. Logistics Manager looked at...
Cover for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - What does it mean to us today?

Companies wanting to automate their processes using IT services have to clearly know what they want from an ERP package before thinking of implementing them.
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Emerging a Priority ERP

When looking for the right ERP solution, there are numerous candidate solutions to choose from. So how do you differentiate between them?
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