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Risk Integrated Enterprise Spreadsheet Platform

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Risk Integrated is a consulting company that specialises in
financial risk assessment and management, particularly in the
banking and financial sectors. Because many organisations within
this sector use spreadsheet models from such things as deal
structuring or real estate modelling the company has developed
software, known as the Enterprise Spreadsheet Platform (ESP), in
order to assist its clients.

Risk Integrated, coming as it does from the perspective of risk
management, takes a somewhat different approach from many other
companies addressing the question of enterprise spreadsheet
management. It takes the position that in the markets at which it
is aimed, the developers of spreadsheet models are not only skilled
in the use of Excel but that there are appropriate mechanisms in
place to ensure that spreadsheets are adequately tested and checked
prior to deployment. What ESP aims to do is to take the risk
element out of the equation in so far as users of those
spreadsheets are concerned, both in terms of data entry and

Note that ESP is neither a compliance tool (providing detailed
audit trails and change tracking and/or management) nor an
auditor’s tool (for error detection, spreadsheet comparison
and so forth). It is complementary to both of these types of

Free Download (subject to terms)

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