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Requirements Management gets a make-over

Cover for Requirements Management gets a make-over

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There are many goals that go to make a sound
Requirements Management process, the most
important of which is making sure that the right
requirements make it through to the final
application as it is developed. There have been
many tools developed over the years to help
with this. First generation tools were primarily
geared toward documenting the different
stages that requirements definitions go
through; together with keeping track of what
requirements are still ‘in’ and which are ‘out’.

Next generation technologies, such as Jama
Software’s Contour, address the broader set of
issues that surround and underpin the
Requirements Management process. With a
tool like Contour, control of important business
issues such as reducing and managing the
costs and overhead of the requirements
process are well covered. This is critical when
you consider that a poorly executed
requirements definition process can consume
staff time and resources at a prodigious rate.
Contour is also well-equipped to control the
important underpinning of any such process,
specifically ensuring that all relevant
stakeholders are kept in the process loop
through a collaborative architecture.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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