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Reltio: data-driven applications

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Historically, applications have been process-driven. They were, essentially, automated versions of what had previously been achieved manually. Data was manipulated and stored as a part of this process but no information that could be derived from this data was used to inform the application or its users in any way: this was the domain of business intelligence and analytics, which was treated as a separate function.

Data-driven applications differ from traditional applications in the sense that they provide insights to the user that are derived from the analysis of data – which may originate from both internal and external sources – and which enable the user to fulfil their role in the organisation more efficiently. Note that being data-driven does not preclude an underlying focus on process, and data-driven applications should be considered as a superset of conventional applications rather than as something totally different.

… we are very impressed with Reltio. The company has re-imagined master data management: extending it, making it simpler and evolving it so that it isn’t just a part of your data governance story but also something that drives better business decisions.

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