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Prodiance Spreadsheet Compliance

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Prodiance Spreadsheet Compliance consists of a suite of products that forms a subset of the Prodiance Enterprise Compliance Platform. The main two products within the Spreadsheet Compliance suite are Prodiance Spreadsheet IQ, which provides spreadsheet discovery, inventory and analysis capabilities, and Prodiance Spreadsheet Compliance Manager, which provides control and compliance capabilities. These may be implemented independently or together. In addition, these are complemented by Prodiance Link Migration Manager and Prodiance KPI Dashboard.

You may also choose to use other components of the Prodiance Enterprise Compliance Platform as a part of a spreadsheet management solution, most notably Prodiance BPM (business process management), which provides workflow capabilities. You might also choose to use Prodiance’s own content management software for version control and similar capabilities, though both Microsoft SharePoint and EMC Documentum are also supported.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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