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Supply Chain Management from Oracle

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Classification: Product Evaluation

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One of Oracle’s key differentiators is the depth and breadth of its supply chain management vision, enabling companies to implement technologies for streamlining their entire supply network business flows. This is evidenced by the tight integration between all product sets, including product lifecycle, project and customer relationship management capabilities. Recent enhancements have made the products better positioned for a wide range of industrial sectors than previously.

Another main differentiator is the architecture of its products. By tying applications directly to a central database, applications can be more easily implemented, upgraded and maintained. In addition, Oracle offers a superior range of support and service options, including the provision of hosting services and financing options for companies. Its product and service offerings reflect the vendor’s wish to lower the total cost of ownership for companies.

Going forward, Oracle will continue to invest in its products to plug the final gaps in its capabilities. Enhancements to be provided in the next calendar year include more specific functionality aimed at specific vertical sectors.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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