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Optimising security in the enterprise - moving from reactive to optimised network security

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In 2009, it is estimated that 90 trillion emails were sent, translating to 247 billion messages per day. Yet it is not just emails that are contributing to the growth in electronic communications as the use of media such as instant messages, blogs, wikis, new websites and pages, digital phone calls, podcasts and social networking sites is expanding rapidly.

The rapid and continuing evolution of electronic communications is enabling organisations to collaborate and communicate more easily and effectively with their employees, customers and business partners. However, as their networks are increasingly opened up to the outside world, security incidents and breaches are on the rise. Such exploits not only disrupt the business and drain productivity, but also could put the organisation at risk of fines and other sanctions for noncompliance with regulations that demand that information, and especially regulated and personally identifiable information, is adequately secured.

This document provides an overview of the risk-related challenges and effort facing organisational networks today and describes how a unified and optimised network security strategy benefits organisations, providing details of the technology products and services that are essential for achieving holistic network protection.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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