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OptimalJ v2.2 from Compuware

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Classification: Product Evaluation

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It is not a trivial task to describe OptimalJ in a single phrase. It is perhaps best described as a supra-development environment that is model-driven and pattern-based. The difficulty arises because OptimalJ provides facilities to automate and simplify the development of J2EE-based applications that extend beyond the boundaries of conventional integrated development environments (IDEs). Indeed, OptimalJ includes an IDE (though you can use third party alternatives) as just a single part of its overall environment. Alternatively, you could describe OptimalJ simply as a development accelerator, on the basis that it speeds up the development of J2EE-based applications.

To be more specific, OptimalJ offers a model-driven, pattern-based environment that, on the one hand, separates business logic from all architectural considerations, while, on the other, automatically generating the relevant structures for the deployment of n-tier applications. In addition, in the latest release (2.2), an integration model has been introduced that separates integration needs from
the platform.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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