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On-Line Database Technology: Volume 1 - Enterprise Products

Cover for On-Line Database Technology: Volume 1

Classification: Research Report

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This is the first of three reports covering all aspects of on-line (transactional) database technology. In this volume we focus on the perennial database issues of performance and manageability, together with the evolving database requirements of XML, which forms the basis of so many emerging capabilities. A Bloor “Evaluation and Comparison” report, this volume scores and compares each of the databases included against each of the main areas of consideration.

Despite the fact that the focus of this report is on transaction processing, the product reviews included in this volume cover the complete gamut of each product’s capabilities. Products reviewed include the latest releases of CA Advantage Ingres, InterSystems Cach?, IBM DB2 UDB, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Oracle (9i release 2 plus an update with the expected features of 10g), and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise.

In addition to the six main database products that we are discussing and contrasting, this report also includes detailed reviews of three further products that offer complementary database facilities. These are Tamino from Software AG, Adaptive Addressing from CopperEye, and ADM Suite from OuterBay. These are included in this report as examples of technologies that can be used to supplement the features of particular database systems to provide improved performance, XML handling and so forth.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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