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Next-generation email and web security - why the cloud offers better protection

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The internet has become a prime communications
and collaboration channel for organisations
in all walks of life and its importance is
growing as Web 2.0 applications such as wikis
and blogs are gaining in importance. However,
this has not been lost on hackers, who look to
intercept communications or plant malware in
web-based applications in an attempt to steal
the information that is being communicated,
as this information is financially valuable to
them. Because of this, the web is now a prime
vector of attack, but the threats being seen are
also increasingly complex and sophisticated
and are more targeted at specific individuals or
organisations than ever before. Attackers are
also using blended mechanisms in an attempt
to make their payloads more successful, often
using a combination of web and email.

In the face of these more complex threats, traditional
signature-based technologies struggle
to keep up. Organisations must also play a
game of catch up to keep all devices protected
against the latest threats through constant
updates. Many organisations are taking a look
at their existing investments, especially in the
area of email security. A viable alternative is
to subscribe to security services based in the
cloud and to look for a provider that offers a
combination of both email and web security
to protect themselves from today

Free Download (subject to terms)

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