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NetSuite SuiteBundler

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Since the early days of the IT industry, efficient and reliable re-use of customisations and code created for customers has been something of a Holy Grail for solution providers and value added resellers. Every new customer meant yet one more round of modifications and customisations to meet its particular requirements—manually recreating similar customisations again and again, one customer at a time. However, achieving the goal of re-using custom modifications reliably and flexibly has proved elusive.

The emergence of NetSuite’s SuiteBundler, however, marks the point of change in removing this problem. SuiteBundler, a new component in a larger platform of development tools called SuiteFlex, is an easy-to-use tool for building extensions and applications within NetSuite’s integrated on-demand enterprise business management suite that includes accounting, CRM and ecommerce capabilities. SuiteBundler allows developers to capture and share customisations for easy re-use—enabling them to build replicable software solutions which can be leveraged across numerous clients. Thus, rather than starting from scratch with each new customer, solution providers can now efficiently re-deploy customisations across multiple customers, a capability of offering channel partners and niche market specialists significant advantages in both managing applications developments and their deployment costs.

SuiteBundler enables more rapid and cost-effective deployments, generating better margins for partners. In addition, by reusing existing proven code, the risk of errors or bugs can be reduced and greater consistency across different users can be achieved.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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