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Managing Spreadsheets - (Version II)

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Classification: White Paper

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Spreadsheets represent one of the most popular applications on the planet. This is because they are the reporting and analysis tool of choice for many professionals, and because they support collaboration and information sharing. Moreover, this is not going to change, not just in terms of existing business people but, as our children are being taught how to use spreadsheets in school, this popularity is likely to continue for many years to come: spreadsheets are ubiquitous and will remain so.

When we first published this white paper in 2005, there were no complete solutions available on the market. However, vendors are getting much closer now. Nevertheless, in the absence of such a complete remedy, we will also consider how organisations can optimally manage their spreadsheet environments, both in terms of the management procedures that need to be implemented and with respect to those tools that are available.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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