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KALIDO 8 Application Suite

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Classification: Product Evaluation

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The KALIDO 8 application suite consists of two major applications: KALIDO MDM for master data management (MDM) and KALIDO DIW for enterprise data warehousing. Kalido packages the applications in three editions: KALIDO 8M, which contains solely KALIDO MDM; KALIDO 8E, which includes both KALIDO DIW and KALIDO MDM; and KALIDO 8E+, which extends the 8E product by providing a federated data warehousing capability. Previously, and perhaps more descriptively, the application suite as a whole was described by Kalido as a data warehouse lifecycle management suite that was (and is) designed to provide a solution for the whole lifecycle of a data warehouse, from design through to population, management and on-going maintenance.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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