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InterSystems Caché

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There are fundamentally two major advantages associated with Caché and one is to do with flexibility and the other is to do with performance. In terms of flexibility the storage options offered by Caché are more extensive than those offered by conventional relational databases as the product allows you to access the data relationally or in an objectoriented manner. This flexibility is not to be sneezed at. Moreover, the development options offered stand out: we are not aware of any vendor (database, development tool or otherwise) that offers the richness of choice that InterSystems does.

The performance advantages offered by Caché in part derive from its flexibility but in database terms the most important point is that there is no time wasted in performing object-relational mappings, which severely impede performance in conventional environments. On the developer side, the product has always had a reputation for excellent productivity and this continues to be the case.

To conclude, although Caché’s traditional strengths have been in supporting the development and deployment of complex applications, its benefits apply equally to simpler environments and we therefore recommend its consideration for all types of applications, regardless of their complexity.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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