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Informatica PowerCenter 6 and PowerCenterRT

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Classification: Product Evaluation

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The Informatica PowerCenter 6 family is a suite of products that provides a
data integration and data movement solution that scales from a single
departmental data mart right up to a distributed multi-warehouse
enterprise-wide system. Notice that we have not described it as an ETL
(extract, transform and load) tool. This is because, although it certainly does
all of those things, its support for near real-time data movement and
connectivity to real-time, trickle-fed data from WebSphere MQ and Tibco
Rendezvous, plus the zero latency engine in Informatica PowerCenterRT,
means that it can equally be used for application integration purposes, as well
as to support business activity monitoring and corporate performance
management. The newly available PowerConnect SDK allows the
development of further custom connectors for batch and real-time data
sources and targets. Since we do not believe that ETL is associated with areas such as these we feel that it would inappropriate to describe the PowerCenter family in this way, since it would be limiting its potential use.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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