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FireMon Security Manager Platform

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FireMon’s Security Manager Platform provides organisations with the enhanced situation awareness that is required for effective decision making, allowing organisations to better plan what actions to take and prioritise efforts for maximum gains. It provides integrated configuration, policy and change management processes, combined with real time risk assessment capabilities to proactively assure network security.

At the heart of the platform is FireMon’s Security Manager technology, which automates policy and configuration management and enforcement across multiple network security devices, providing recommendations for the most effective remedial action when violations are encountered. The platform incorporates a Risk Analyzer module that visually maps vulnerabilities detected throughout the networfk that allows organisations to not only quantify the risks that they face, but also to prioritise remediation efforts on those deemed to have the greatest criticality. The platform also incorporates FireMon’s Policy Planner module, which is a flexible policy management tool to ensure policies are set and maintained in accordance with best practices and in line with compliance requirements.

Taken together, FireMon’s technology allows organisations to identify risks to their networks from poorly configured security devices and to proactively reduce vulnerabilities to improve their overall security posture.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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