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EXASolution 4.0

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EXASolution, from EXASOL, is a massively parallel database management system especially developed for data warehousing applications, which is available as a hosted service, as a software-only solution or as a pre-configured appliance running on commodity hardware such as Fujitsu Siemens, HP, Dell and IBM servers, with NetApp storage.

As of the time of writing, EXASolution 4.0, running on Dell hardware, holds the performance records for the TPC-H benchmark at every level up to 10Tb as well as having the best price/performance records at each of these levels. This doesn’t mean that EXASolution isn’t capable of supporting more (much more) disk than this but that TPC-H benchmarking is only competitive up to this level (there is only one published figure that is larger than this and that was published in 2007).

The one caveat we would make to this otherwise impressive set of results is that benchmarks do not necessarily equate
to the workload of any particular company. A much better way to make a true performance comparison is to run a proof-of-concept, which should be run on your site, not remotely.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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