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Enterprise RTView

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Enterprise RTView is a platform for monitoring, aggregating and delivering information in real-time, regardless of whether that delivery is via alerts (and resulting automated actions), reports or dashboards. Environments where this product might be applicable include business activity monitoring (BAM), business process optimisation, complex event processing (CEP) and operational BI, amongst others.

Nevertheless, this description may be misleading. There are, after all, lots of products that will help you to build dashboards (for example). However, that’s all that most of these products do. If you want to source information from multiple sources in real-time then you have to deploy a separate federated engine to bring all the data together, which you can then use to feed the dashboarding product. With RTView, this is not necessary because the product includes its own data federation capabilities. In addition, especially when compared to many existing BAM products, RTView is not at all prescriptive: in fact it is extremely flexible so that you can implement dashboards in whatever fashion suits your company and your users.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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