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Enterprise Information Portals

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There are far too many sources of information: external, internal, e-mail and so forth, for a user to make sense of. Often you feel as if you could simply spend all day sorting the information and never actually doing anything. Enterprise Portals allow you to choose what comes to your desktop and everything else gets filtered out. Of course, making that choice may not be easy, so there are even portal products that will let you go on working the way that you have been and will automatically personalise the content of your portal on that basis. Moreover, once your preferences are established you can have even have tools that will suggest additional sources of information that you may not know about, based upon your working practices.

Enterprise Portals do not just address an individual’s problems with information overload but also those of the enterprise itself. Many organisations, in an attempt to ensure improved communications within and across their workforce, have implemented intranets that enable more sophisticated knowledge sharing. Unfortunately, this has tended to spin out of control so that there are companies that have dozens of different intranets that cross different sections of the corporate community. This fragments information and causes major administrative headaches.

With an Enterprise Portal, on the other hand, all of these intranets are unified under a single umbrella. Indeed, the Enterprise Portal goes further because it also includes extranets and other Internet-based connections within a single infrastructure. This should improve visibility, increase control and reduce maintenance and administrative requirements.

Free Download (subject to terms)

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